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I am the adult magic butthole extraordinaire: Krystal Gem | scroll down or click the menu for my socials, live cam, and vids!

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I'm KG and I do way too much anal. I've been an online adult entertainer since June 2015. I'm an eccentric spiritual Virgo milf who loves to dream and do boring things like go to the cafe, library, or forest when I'm not stuffing my greedy anus. I'm queer af, nonbinary something or other and pansexual. I'm a slight health nut, yet I keep putting ten pumps of syrup in my venti matcha green tea latte from Starbucks. I'm ethereal and complex and I believe all fruit bats are my children.

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Obviously I'm quite sex positive and I enjoy exploring kinks. I love learning about intersectionality and self care. I'll probably mention astrology to you upon first speaking to you because I'm obsessed. Bring up anything about the universe and you'll win me over. I've watched heaps of anime, but feel free to give recommendations. I love to travel to the mountains once a year, but I'm desperately trying to make that more often. I slightly like cooking - I extremely like eating food. I'm never not listening to music. I smell like beef. Jk. I speak in memes and Spongebob quotes a lot, sorry not sorry.

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