About Me


Name: Krystal Gem (or KG)

Age: 25

Sign: Virgo

Height: 5'5

Weight: 130lbs

Ethnicity: Black / African descent

Measurements: 34C - 24 - 36

Occupation: Adult online entertainer, adult webcam model/streamer, amateur clip model, healer in training

Location: Krystal Temple, United States

Status: Divorced (please leave me alone / I'm not interested in cis men I am so gay / I'm literally in love with my ex gf bye)

Orientation: bisexual / pansexual / femmeromantic / androgynoromantic 

Gender: nonbinary female / bigender / genderfluid / dude I just don't know anymore lol

Pronouns: she / her , they / them

Education: Associate's in Graphic Arts

More About Me

Interests & Hobbies

Other than filling my anus to the brim and filming my holes in general, I do indeed have other interests and hobbies. The rumors are true - I am a human and not just an online sex obsessed robot! I'm fond of both simple life pleasures and eccentric / ridiculous bullshit. Lately, my most favorite thing to do is travel to the mountains at least once a year. I love to casually hike in the woods or along the river or any body of water. I really do love sitting at quiet cafes or the library - I'm learning to love reading again. I love spirituality and I collect crystals and other metaphysical items. I'm also into tarot, astrology, and I'm just dipping my toes into numerology. I love learning about anything spiritual really. I have watched a ton of anime and I will admit I'm a recovering weeb. I didn't Naruto run down hallways as a youngster or anything, but I was weeb enough. I love learning about different cultures around the world. 

I listen to so much music that... I have no desire to list "fav artists" or anything like that lol. That would take forever. Right now I've been listening to a lot of alternative R&B, future garage, jazztronica, ambient meditation music, experimental, hybrid, and just any music that has whole tones in it. Again, I can't list every single of one of my fav artists, but lately I've had Rico Nasty, FKA Twigs, Kadhja Bonet, Sudan Archives, Tash Sultana, SZA, Chloe x Halle, Washed Out, Rhye, Beach House, Japanese Breakfast, Sjowgren, Kelela, Kari Faux, Mac DeMarco, Hiatus Kaiyote, Nai Palm, Cathedrals, Charlotte Dos Santos, Joomanji, Abra, Doja Cat, Tokimonsta, Princess Nokia, and Sabrina Claudio in heavy rotation.

I uh... I feel like I don't watch much tv or movies lol. I'll literally watch the same Studio Ghibli blu-rays over and over again or just go to my favorite movies in general and rewatch them. I feel like the only current tv show I watch is Chilling Tales of Sabrina and uh... Idk... Marie Kondo was good. Made my Virgo cleaning / organizing fetish tingle. Dude I really don't watch tv or movies much lol. I still don't know what Game of Thrones is. I think my favorite movies are: Coraline, Tekkon Kinkreet, A Wrinkle in Time, all Harry Potter, all Hunger Games,  all Ghibli, and that's all I can think of. And I think the only tv show other than Sabrina that I watch is Portlandia. I think... I'm always baked watching Portlandia lol. It's a habit.

Goals & Dreams

- coming soon (this is gonna take a while lol) -