Premium content on Onlyfans, MV Crush, etc.

No Premium Snapchat, but I'm providing even BETTER alternatives!

If you didn't know already, I've never been about that Premium Snapchat life (models get their accounts deleted daily and even more recently because of SESTA/FOSTA, give it a google... it's just not worth risking deletion or permanent banning, I don't have the time fam lol) but... I have an amazing Onlyfans and MV Crush! Don't like those platforms? I'll have even more fan club/premium content alternatives soon, just read below and check back here often!


Fan Clubs - Become a Gem!

Onlyfans - $5.99/mo

Onlyfans - Krystal Gem - krystalgem -


Join my Onlyfans - this option is the most similar to a premium snapchat because you can use it on your phone when you add it to your homescreen to fucntion as an app on iOS (use Safari) or Android (use Chrome)! And as of November 2019, Onlyfans has added STORIES! Yes, Stories similar to Snapchat that disappear in 24 hours! I'll be posting fun, sexy, intimate snaps into my personal life on my Story and you can tip request any Story photo or vid Snap to your inbox before it disappears! That aside, the main vids and photos on my profile will NEVER disappear! Access 100+ vids and 100+ photos as long as you're a member! Many of my FULL LENGTH anal videos are already on there and I add a new anal video every week on #AnalWednesday! Get mindful and encouraging messages and a vid of me masturbating how I like to play every Monday for Masturbation Motivation Monday #MMM! Check out a naughty, taboo, or just plain wild fetish video or photos every Friday for #FetishFriday! Photosets are added in random bursts! Also, chat with me daily by sending me a private message in my DMs! I consent to naughty nude photos, vids, d*ck pics in my inbox as well! Occasionally, I send voice or video messages as announcements and replies, so you get to hear my voice! Join now for only $5.99/month!

NEW: I now have the option to "GO LIVE" on Onlyfans! Yes, this means live cumshows from me! I'll soon have a reasonable schedule set up for cumshows and I'll also pop on at random just to hang out and be a little nasty whenever lol! Or just to chill with my butt out so we can all hang out together! This will be MUCH better than Chaturbate because we won't have to wait for "goals" and you can control my interactive Lovense pussy and buttplug vibes for as long as you want as long as you have a mobile phone! This is gonna be fun! Yay!

 All active* members get a 50% discount code on custom videos FOREVER! Make sure to message me before you order to get the code! (*trial or discount memberships excluded) 

MV Crush - $3.99/mo

MV Crush - Manyvids - Krystal Gem - krystalgem -


Join my MV Crush - a club option built into! This option is a bit more affordable than Onlyfans with less features, but still packs a punch! There are tons of clips on here that are also on Onlyfans! 

Access tons of video clips, photos, and Crush messages in the group chat setting! I even give out coupon codes to Crush members that you can use alone or on top of video or store items already on sale on my main Manyvids profile page! Join now for only $3.99/month or choose one of my many tier options to save even more money!

All active* members get a 50% discount code on custom videos FOREVER! Make sure to message me before you order to get the code! (*trial or discount memberships excluded)

FanCentro Feed

FanCentro Feed - Krystal Gem - krystalgem - - krystalgem_


"Whoa, wait a minute... I thought you said you don't have a premium Snapchat, why do you have FanCentro, KG?!" You're right, I do NOT have premium Snapchat, BUT, did you know that FanCentro has a built in fan club all on its own called FanCentro Feed? That's right! If Onlyfans and MV Crush just aren't for you, you also have this option! *Note: I do still need to add tons of content to this fan club, and I've decided that I'll include lots of fetish content on this feed when I dive into that realm in 2020! Think femdom, taboo, wet and messy, all sorts of things I'm ready to try! Help me decide if this should be Fetish ONLY or Fetish content PLUS all the content on my Onlyfans! Send me an email or follow me on Twitter to see when I post a poll about this so you can vote! A bonus is I can post lewd photos on my FanCentro Feed for FREE - that's right, you can follow me for FREE on here and see free pics or vids I upload similar to Instagram (except here I won't get banned for fully clothed naughty pics cuz FUCK YOU, ZUCC! LOL!) Once this is all updated, the price and info will change! Check back in 2020 or follow my Twitter for announcents!

AVN Stars

AVN Stars - Krystal Gem - krystalgem -


Follow me for FREE on AVN Stars! Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and tons of mainstream social media sites have banned porn on their platforms, so the veteran company AVN created a social media network just for adults where we will NEVER be banned! Follow me here to watch FREE video previews, gifs, pics, and even watch stories similar to Instagram and Snapchat! This also can be added to your homescreen on your phone to function like an app on iOS (use Safari) or Android (use Chrome)! But that's not all - I am now VERIFIED and as soon as I add content you can subscribe to my AVN Stars to unlock premium hidden posts similar to Onlyfans! I plan on uploading all the same content I have on Onlyfans, but maybe even more like recorded cam shows and such! (if that flops lol, then I'll change AVN Stars to a fetish content based Fan Club, just a heads up!) Go ahead and follow me now for FREE posts and check back often to get info on subscription price and content when it's available!

Modelhub Fan Club

Modelhub -


Download ALL of my vids (clipsite vids AND Onlyfans vids) for 50% off FOREVER as long as you're an active Fan Club member! This is the best way to get my vids if you're into downloads - you never have to wait for sales because as long as you're subscribed, you can download any vid 50% off forever! Only $9.99/mo!

Coming soon: I've decided to activate Fan Only photos and videos! This, unlike most of my clubs, will NOT have all my vids from Onlyfans on it, (however I have decided to start uploading Fan Only photos and short clips by the beginning of 2020!) because you can already stream all my vids from Onlyfans and exclusive clipsite vids on Pornhub Premium! Not only that, you can watch THOUSANDS of other Pornhub Premium models with a Premium subscription - think of it like Pornhub's version of Netflix! Plus there are NO ADS on the entire site when you join Premium! FREE WEEK trial of Pornhub Premium is currently active! Join now!

Coming Soon!

Collide App!

An app extremely similar to Onlyfans... but it actually has an app! On the App Store / Play Store! For real, lol! Idk how they got away with it, maybe because they're not that popular yet, but there's an app! On Collide there are extra features: I can create tiers (I plan on doing one tier that includes all the content I post on Onlyfans for $5.99, and a higher tier where I include all that Onlyfans content PLUS fetish content that will be created in 2020 like I mentioned above in the FanCentro section!) and there's a service where you can Video Chat with me one on one! There's even a texting feature! Looking forward to using this app in the future!


I'm looking into using this as yet another alternative to Onlyfans - I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it with so many more features that... quite frankly I'm a little overwhelmed, haha! I am pretty sure this website has literally every option Onlyfans has but much, much more! Can't wait to give it a try!


With Snapchat on the way out by shutting down all 18+ model accounts they can find, new 18+ fan club alternatives are on the rise! Do you have a favorite website or app that you'd like me to try out? Then feel free to contact me and let me know about it and I'll be happy to check it out! Based on popular vote, I'm willing to try out new club sites whether it's another Onlyfans clone, fetish only, both, or something else really fun! Let me know: contact me here!