FAQ + Rules


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

"What are your kinks / fetishes?": Um, they change all the time lol. Since I'm pretty sexually fluid, it depends on my mood. Some random ones are discreet public masturbation / sex, anal obviously lol, exhibitionism, voyeur, light humiliation / embarrassment, pee play, outdoor, orgasm control, etc. And I'm a switch (more dominant lately for some reason lol). I used to be into DDLG until I realized I actually just like the aesthetic / that I'm hella queer and I get no real, fulfilling satisfaction from sexual interaction from cisgender men.

"Wait... do you like men?": You can feel free to google my orientations listed on my About page to understand a bit more about who I'm attracted to. Short answer: I'm sexually attracted to any adult human regardless of gender or expression. However, I have no romantic attraction toward cis gender men / very masculine presenting people. Idk, I'm just very attracted to feminine and androgynous vibes basically.

"Will you meet me/do [blank] with me?": Absolutely not. I'm a very private person, however if you would like to interact with me daily on an intimate level virtually, feel free to follow me on Onlyfans! I hope one day I can regularly go to adult conventions to meet and greet fans, but that's it.

"Will you work with me?": I will never work with ANY cisgender male ever. I have before, clearly (from the evidence from my videos lol), but I will ONLY ever choose to sexually interact with cis males that I have known IRL for years. Do NOT ask to film with me. (maybe one day I'll chose to work with women, nonbinary, and trans individuals, but not at this time!)

"Do you squirt?": Yes, unfortunately (I honestly hate the mess lol and I enjoy clitoral orgasms best anyways. I very rarely squirt from clitoral orgasms so that's cool.)

"Can we video chat?": I'm looking into doing Skype again because I miss it. I'll probably be checking out the SkyPrivate service soon and/or selling sessions at 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes individually. Thank you in advance for your patience while I figure all of this out! I will not do any other platform than Skype though (no FaceTime, no Google Hangouts, etc.)

"How much for a custom video?": I'll soon have this list here on my website, but here is a solid list of all the things I do in terms of custom videos: krystalgem.manyvids.com/customvid

* (right now my custom videos are most easily purchased through Manyvids, but I will have more options in the very near future)

- more FAQ coming soon! -


No cash apps of any kind, no gift cards as payment, I do NOT tolerate hate speech of any kind, do not ask me personal questions about my location or family, just don't be fucking creepy, man. Again, do NOT ask to film with me. My contact form is for business questions only. I will not respond to any other kind of messages or conversation. I actually love to talk but the place to chat with my daily directly from your phone is Onlyfans! I consent to any nude pics or videos sent to me on Onlyfans only, if you do it anywhere else you will be blocked or banned from interacting with me. Consent turns me on more than anything! =)

- possibly more rules coming soon too lol -